Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo learned only this afternoon that his cousin is proposing to descend upon Port Swiller Manor tomorrow afternoon, after attending some local festivity, for a little family catch-up.

The last communication I had from said cousin was a blazing tribute to Dr. Fauci, in which she proclaimed that she trusted nobody else on this earth more than Him.

I’m sure as I’m sitting here now at my desk that she’s going to quiz me about getting the Vaccine. And I’m also just as sure that she’s going to recoil in horror when I confess that a) I haven’t taken it and, b) I don’t intend to.

I will do no more than shrug (hopefully).

We’ll see what happens.

Stand by for an Act 2 update……

Anticlimactical Act 2 UPDATE: Huh. Not a word. Conversation was limited almost entirely to family gossip, gardening, and a few scattered platitudes about the disruptions the lockdowns have caused.

**Scratches head**

One theory for this surprising behavior is that she was discombobulated by my appearance when she came in. She’s never seen my plague-beard nor do I think anyone had told her about it. Also, owing in part to the fact that somebody has again stolen Ol’ Robbo’s special pair of scissors, the top of my head is shaggier than normal. She didn’t say anything about any of this, either, although she did to a quick take ‘um when she first spotted me.

Another, of course, is that she was simply being polite. But that’s not half as much fun an explanation about which to speculate.

Whatever the reason, I’ll take the win. Sorry it makes this entire post a bit lame. [“Lamer”, you mean – Ed.]