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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo was delighted this morning to spot a red fox loitering about the tree line behind the neighbor’s house. Decanter Dog spotted it, too, meaning she spent the next half hour running round the Port Swiller Manor back yard shrieking at the top of her lungs.

The fox was hovering right in front of the spot where a vixen raised a couple of kits last year, which makes me wonder if this is maybe the same vixen or perhaps one of the kits. Our neighbors kept them pretty well fed with table scraps last year, so I would think there’d be a strong incentive to return to the spot.

Looking up some background information, I find that the red fox has an average lifespan of only two to four years, which I must say rayther surprises me. I wonder if this average is artificially low due to all the foxes that get squished on the roads (at least round here) and that individuals who are able to avoid such calamity can actually live somewhat longer. It doesn’t seem right, somehow, that something so handsome should have such a fleeting time on Earth.

(I know what a pest foxes can be to poultry owners (such as my Sistah) but from my standpoint they are purely decorative.)

Anyhoo, I hope this one settles in and I get to watch another generation grow up this spring.

Rodental UPDATE: Just by way of idle curiosity since I see so very many of them, Ol’ Robbo decided to also dig out comparative information on grey squirrels. It would appear that, although some can live much, much longer, the average lifespan of the common tree rat is only 10 to 12 months.

This little nugget bothers Ol’ Robbo not a’tall. In fact, I take a certain grim delight in recognizing the latest new entrant into the feeder-raiding lists attempting to overcome my foolproof hanging arrangement and failing, sometimes getting quite violently angry about it. Greedy, flea-bitten little blighters.


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