Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of the decanter may recall Ol’ Robbo’s post from a couple weeks back about signing up with a lawn care outfit.

Whelp, they came out this week for the first weed and feed treatment of the year. One of the reasons I have put off such a service for so long is the same reason why I assiduously avoid auto mechanics and dentists: Once they’re in, they’re in for all of it. I only talked to the guy for a few minutes but he immediately started on about lime treatments, aeration, and overseeding. And I never knew before that raking out moss was a thing, but apparently it is. Part of me knows all this really ought to happen, but part of me also regrets unfastening the tent flap.


Speaking of which, even as I type, Mrs. R is on the phone with our handyman outlining a list of “projects”. The guy’s very good at what he does but unfortunately he works with a real estate friend of ours fixing up places to put on the market so he can immediately spot about a bizillion things that “need” to be done. I have to be very, very firm with the two of them.

Double sigh.

.Forehead-Slapping UPDATE: Somehow Ol’ Robbo completely forgot that today is the first day of Spring! Happy, happy, everyone!

And for all my grousing above, I will note from my poking round the grounds today that the wisteria are starting to crack through their winter bark, all the clematis have new shoots, and the jasmine is suddenly growing in leaps and bounds. Plus, the forecast says we may get a thunderstorm next Saturday. Ol’ Robbo longs for his first spring thunderstorm!