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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo has been watching the partial disappearing of Dr. Seuss with grim amusement.

In part, this is because I’m old enough to remember when “Read Banned Books!” was a favorite slogan on bumper stickers and backpack pins among the Left. Of course, that was back in the day when the aim was to twit uptight middlebrow librarians and Church Ladies. I am well aware that this is different because Reasons and because Shut Up!

Also in part, though, it’s because of stirred memories that, in hindsight, now seem almost prophetic. Junior year of high school, my honors English class was assigned a big paper in which we were supposed to do an in-depth analysis of the book of our choice. (I recall that I picked The Great Gatsby but I couldn’t tell you a single thing now about what I wrote.) A buddy and I, being the smartasses that we were, decided to also submit an anonymous paper. It was titled something like “Theodore Geisel and the Will To Power: A Marxist Interpretation of Green Eggs and Ham” and was all about the authoritarianism of Sam I Am and the overcoming of bourgeois resistance to inevitable social and economic change (i.e., the said unorthodox ham and eggs).

Our teacher was a good sport about it. In fact, she laughed and laughed. My friend and I never did own up to authorship even when Mrs. Andrews begged the entire class to come clean, but I think she had her suspicions. (As a matter of fact, it might have been what saved me from GPA disaster later when I point-blank refused to read the fourth bloody Steinbeck book in a row, but that’s a different story.)

Good times. Good times.


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