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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo didn’t see the Sooper Boil yesterday, but I see a good bit of blowback today over a Jeep commercial by Bruce Springsteen that, so I gather, nicely encapsulates so much of what’s wrong with the state of the Nation. (I did see a screenshot of the Communist Red Star superimposed on Kansas. Nice touch.)


I realized this morning that my own Wrangler is going to turn 18 years old in a couple days. My, she grew up fast!

Fortunately, as Indiana Jones once said, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. As she’s still just a tad over 100K, I hope to keep her around for quite a few more years. (That is, unless ICE cars are outlawed under the Green Nood Eel.)

Out of idle curiosity, I did nip over to the Jeep website to see what’s on offer. If nothing else, I was relieved to see you can at least still get a Wrangler with stick-shift. I’ve often worried that by the time I look to buying one again, they’ll have cycled this out because nobody knows how to drive one anymore.

UPDATE: I should emphasize, of course, the idleness of my nipping, as it will be a long time before I can begin to seriously consider buying myself a new set of wheels. We’re still in the midst of the double college tuitions locust years, and when that’s done Mrs. R has first dibs, getting rid of the Honda Juggernaut (which we don’t much need anymore) and putting herself in something more sporty.

And speaking of such things, while long-time Friends of the Decanter will recall that I’ve often discussed the matter here, it occurs to me that I never did get around to teaching teh Gels to drive a stick. Heigh, ho. I suppose I’ll just have to hope that they meet the right young men.


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