Greetings, my fellow port swillers, and happy Winter Solstice!

The fact that winter begins in earnest after the “shortest” day of the year is one around which Ol’ Robbo has never been able to wrap his head completely. You can explain it to me scientifically and I will nod wisely in agreement, but it still seems counter-intuitive.

That is all.

Well, almost.

A foggy morning here at Port Swiller Manor, and I gather we’re supposed to be clouded over all day. So much for taking a dekko at this evening’s “Christmas Star” conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

Meanwhile, following up on my post below, Decanter Dog seems to have slipped on the ice going downstairs into the yard. At least she’s hobbling a bit. So for the past day or two, we’ve been carrying her up and down in order to save her the strain. Said strain is now starting to transfer to our backs.

UPDATE: Narp. And it was a tease, too. Clouds overhead were feathery enough that I could see the moon, okay, but banked up to the southwest, which was where one was to look. Perhaps tomorrow night – I b’lieve the weather is supposed to be somewhat clearer then. But it no longer being the solstice, the chance of seeing aliens is now right out.