Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo sees that Slow Joe is proposing a massive student loan debt forgiveness program. Oh, goody.

Ya’ know, Mrs. R and I are fortunate enough to be able to put the Gels through school ourselves. (Undergrad, anyway. We’ve made plain that if they want to go on to grad school, that’s their affair.) To do so, we aren’t exactly poking through other people’s trash looking for bread crusts, but by the time all the monthly budgetary numbers are crunched, we’re pretty much just treading water for the next few years. It can be frustrating. (“We live here but we don’t live here,” Mrs. R said not long ago.) But we think it the right thing to do.

How much easier and more pleasant it would have been to let the Gels run up massive debts on the assumption that Uncle would eventually erase them, meanwhile living the life of Riley ourselves.

Evidently, we’re chumps.

And now we get to pay for other kids’ schooling, too? Say, if my tax money is going to bail out some kid’s student debt, do I get a vote on his major?

Ha, ha, ha!


UPDATE: I should have mentioned here that the Puppy-Blender often argues for including the schools as co-signers on any student loan. I think this is an excellent idea and the best way to reform the whole damn racket. Force Higher Ed to have some skin in teh game and watch costs fall and useless classes weeded out of the curriculum.