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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Not much to report from Port Swiller Manor at the moment. [Ed. – When has that ever stopped you before?] But here we go:

****Ol’ Robbo has fallen into the habit of watching old “Star Trek” reruns. The shows currently are heavily peppered with Medicare ads. Some of them feature Broadway Joe Namath as spokesman. Somehow, that seems perfectly natural. But others feature Dorothy Hamill. Dorothy Hamill? Yikes!

****The other evening, I stumbled across “The Kentuckian” (1955) starring Burt Lancaster. I found it tedious and uninspiring, and only stuck with it because I wanted to see the part with Oliver Hardy. It was only toward the very end that I realized I was thinking of “The Fighting Kentuckian” (1949) with John Wayne. D’oh!

****And speaking of films, I remember seeing teh Steven Spielberg WWII comedy “1941” when it came out in 1979. Even as a high school student, I thought it rather lame, caught somewhere in between “Airplane!” and “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” and undecided which it wanted to be. Prompted by a comment I saw somewhere recently, I decided to try it again. Forty years later, I have exactly the same opinion of it. I don’t need to see it again. (And I know “Airplane!” came out in 1980. But I’m sure and certain that I saw it before “1941”.)

****In non-entertainment nooz, our first frost is coming this week. This year we’re going to try keeping the porch ferns in a small, portable greenhouse. We’ll see how that goes.

****Regular friends of the decanter may recall my posting about Youngest’s car refusing to start. The good nooz is that it turned out just to be the battery. (I was concerned it might be something else because there was enough juice to run the electronics but the starter was completely dead.) The bad news is that the door seals are bad and water has got inside. Resealing is too expensive an option right now, so I’m just going to buy a tarp.

****Speaking of which, how the heck did Thanksgiving get here so quickly? Both the Younger Gels come home next week and I’d better get cracking on planning out that dinner instanter! (Youngest will be home until January. Middle Gel goes back to campus for exams.)

****Finally, I haven’t anything useful to say about Current Events, except that I have a feeling that folks on our side of the aisle obsessed with icky personalities instead of honest-to-goodness achievements are in for a very rude, very powerful shock when the Jacobins take control. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I doubt it.

UPDATE: I see where mine host WordPress is getting into the deplatforming for wrong-think gig now. So far, at least, Ol’ Robbo remains confident that he is entirely too small a fish to bother frying and that he can continue to sit hunched over the decanter muttering, “snugglebunnies, snugglebunnies, snugglebunnies” in relative safety.


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