Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

We found out this week that St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method is forbidding teachers and staff to travel over the Thanksgiving weekend. Even though Mrs. R has done all her teaching on-line this fall, there’s a remote possibility that she might have to go in as an in-person sub, and the school doesn’t want to risk not having her (or the others) available due to quarantine (or, I suppose to actual illness).

So no traditional road-trip to my brother’s house in North Carolina this year, and the Younger Gels will come straight home from school. (It didn’t seem right for Ol’ Robbo and some fraction of the Gels to go and leave the Missus on her own. Besides, if we did, then we’d have to undergo all sorts of school-driven protocols about separation and testing when we got back. It just isn’t worth it.) We may try and shoot for Christmas, instead.


[Ol’ Robbo originally typed up a short rant here about what he thinks of this entire situation but deleted it a) because I’ve said it before and you all know what I think, and b) because I know I hold a minority view on this. I haven’t changed my mind, however.]

So the next question is what to do about din-dins at Port Swiller Manor. I’ll eat turkey if it’s put in front of me, but none of the others much like it, so I don’t see any real point in doing one. My first thought (and it’s almost always my first though) was a nice roast of beef, but Eldest has put in a surprise request for a roast chicken. That doesn’t seem particularly special to me, but perhaps I could figure out a way to gussy it up a bit. I will, of course, need to consult the others, too. I live with a remarkably picky bunch and it’s very, very hard to get them to all agree on anything food-wise. Do not suggest ham, because none of us like it. At least we’re uniform about that.

We shall see.