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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

If WordPress is to be believed – and who am I to question my electronic overlords? – this is the 4000th post by Ol’ Robbo here at Port Swiller Central. I’m an English Major, dammit, not a mathematician, but this seems to me to represent a pretty goodly number of beakers of teh true, the blushful Hippocrene over the years. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

I note that today is Trafalgar Day, celebrating the anniversary of that monumental victory of the Royal Navy under Lord Nelson over Napoleon’s combined fleet in 1805. I used to do an awful lot more historickal posting back in the day than I do now, and in the past I would have slapped up some appropriate artwork or tactical map and said something about the battle. But you know? I’m just an armchair blogger posting off the top of my head, and after some years I found myself just rehashing the same tired observations about this and other historickal milestones. You might suggest that I dig deeper into such subjects in order to come up with fresh material. I might suggest in return that you pay me. You might then suggest that I go on with the rehashing because it’s only a matter of time before Nelson and Hearts of Oak and “Rule, Britannia” and all the rest of it are disappeared from history by the Neo-Maoists running amok these days. With that suggestion I might agree. (But you can still pay me if you like.)

Speaking of Neo-Maoists, I see where Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich is calling for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to cleanse the American body-politick of Orange Man Bad. If Ol’ Robbo were asked to play a game of word-association, his response to “Truth and Reconciliation” would be “show trial, Kalashnikov, back of the head, open trench”. Citizen Reich should have called for a “Committee of Public Safety”, if for no other reason than because the word-association “Madame Guillotine” is much pithier.

Heaven help us.

Well, before they catch me, time to start thinking of material for post #4001…..

4000.5 UPDATE: Thankee, thankee, friends! Somebody mentioned the old Llama-Butchers. I think most friends of the decanter were Camelidophiles back in the day. It got me wondering how many posts I put up over there. The truth is I haven’t the faintest idea: We ran the Butcher Shop for about five years, as opposed to the twelve here, but then again I did many more multiple-post days, so who knows. (In case you’re wondering, I haven’t even spoken with Steve-O in some years now. On the other hand, the former Llama Military Correspondent and family remain quite close with the Family Robbo.)

I also meant to mention that I have a continued, perhaps quixotic, hope that blogging will become more generally popular again, especially now that places like the Twits and FacePlant are not only fever-swamps, but censored fever-swamps. It was great fun back in the earlies, and it would be nice to get back to that free-flowing spirit.


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