Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Because why not?

♦  Port Swiller Manor has a new mouse!  I saw it scurrying about yesterday.  We have only the one decanter cat now instead of the three we had during the last outbreak, but she’s on the case.

♦  Speaking of pets, decanter dog seems to get more nervous and high-strung as she gets older.  We’ve had three straight afternoons of storms this week and she is quite noticeably frightened of the thunder. I don’t recall this being the case before.  Also, as Mrs. R pointed out, she’s got so used to having us around all the time now, what’s going to happen if and when we suddenly start commuting again?

♦  Speaking of said storms, I have never seen the sky get quite so dark quite so fast as it did yesterday afternoon.  It was pretty amazing.

♦  Speaking of turmoil, what with the chaos the WuFlu is inflicting on the educational system, Mrs. R is discovering an enormous demand for tutoring this fall.  She’ll still have her gig at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method, but now she’s planning to make bank on the side.  I do not complain.

♦  And speaking of educational turmoil, with only a couple weeks to go it’s still a cat-and-mouse game with Youngest’s college start.  We’ve about reconciled ourselves to the idea of her taking mostly on-line courses if she can still stay on campus.  What we fear is that the kidz will get chucked out after only a couple weeks but we’ll still get socked for the full ride.  Same deal with Middle Gel.  I truly believe both their schools wish to open as fully as possible, but Governor DeWine is a swish and Kommissar Northam is a bastard, so I am not a-tall optimistic.

♦  On a completely pragmatic and perhaps appallingly shallow note, one of the reasons I want both the younger gels to go back to school is that I desperately need to clean out the garage and simply don’t have room on my driveway to move things out unless they go away.

Aaand on that note, endeavor to persevere!