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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yesterday would have been Youngest’s high school graduation.  It’s kind of ironic that it was an absolutely beautiful, cool day – Ol’ Robbo wound up swimming in his own sweat getting to and from her elder sisters’ ceremonies in the past.

The other day I got lockdown-fevered enough to drop in on a “virtual” happy hour with some of my work colleagues.  We got talking about kidz and school, and I happened to mention that if Youngest’s college campus doesn’t open up this fall, she’ll take a gap year and work at home.  “Between that and her college-grad sister likely also at home because of the horrible job market, it looks like we won’t be empty-nesters this fall after all.  Too bad, because Mrs. R and I were looking forward to it.”

About a half-dozen pairs of eyes on my computer screen suddenly widened, and I heard a perceptible little gasp.  Evidently, I had said a Very Bad Thing.

Is Ol’ Robbo’s attitude so wrong?  The Gels are all grown up, after all.  They should be leaving the nest and establishing their own lives.  We’re actually excited on their behalf for this transition.  And to be fair, after 20-odd years of taking care of them, we’re about due for a break.

I’m still scratching my head over this.  Perhaps it’s because my audience all have much younger kids and haven’t got to this point yet.  Perhaps it’s because they’re all younger themselves and there’s some kind of generational thing at work.  Perhaps it’s because none of them happen to share my socio-politickal views.

This is why I never socialize with these people in meatspace, by the bye, the constant need to watch my tongue being far too tarsome.  I’ll remind myself of that the next time I get the urge to do the video thing again.


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