Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Not that I read it on a regular basis anymore, but NRO had an article yesterday about the potential impact of coronapalooza on college attendance this fall, particularly with incoming freshmen.

As regular friends of the decanter know, Youngest is set to start this fall herself.  At first Ol’ Robbo hadn’t believed there would be any issue.  But the panic, hysteria, and outright skullduggery have been far, far worse than I had originally imagined, and we are now coming to see that we may very well need to reassess our options.

Particularly since we’re going to get whanged with out-of-state tuition, the prospect of an “on-line” freshman fall semester has little or no appeal to us.  Nor does the idea of campus opening on time but then being shut down again six weeks later when the inevitable fall flu season starts up.  If we’re expected to shell out that kind of jack, we want the Gel to have the full experience.

One alternative is, of course, to take a “gap” year.  But if she and an appreciable number of other incoming frosh do that, what kind of logistical and financial headaches would it cause the school going forward?  Are they survivable?  And on our end, can she defer and keep her slot?  Or would she have to go around again and compete for a new one?

Another alternative is to do the community college route and then transfer over once (if) things calm down.  The problem with this is that the Gel would wind up eating a part of the campus experience rather than deferring it.  On the other hand, it’d be a lot cheaper.

I’m just muddling these thoughts loosely at this point, and of course our decisions will be based on what her school plans.  It’s a damned shame that she should get caught like this, and it’s positively infuriating to know that such a potential dilemma is so absolutely unnecessary.

UPDATE:  Mrs. R had a chat with the admissions office.  At this point, they’re saying yes, Youngest could take a gap and she wouldn’t lose her slot.  If she does the fall on-line through the school, we’ll get hit with full tuition.  If she decides to do the fall locally, she can transfer credits over and won’t lose her place in the class.   I’m still hoping that this all becomes moot, the quicker the better.

Incidentally, Middle Gel finished her final exam this morning so is now officially a rising junior.  Amazing how fast times go by.

As for Eldest, they’ve officially moved her graduation ceremony to the October long weekend.  (I believe some other schools are doing this, too.)  Not that it matters to her, but her school announced this week that yes, by golly, it’ll be open in the fall, and no, nobody’s going to get sent home again.