Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo sees he hasn’t posted in a few days.  My apologies.  I fell off my exercise schedule the middle of last week and as a consequence came down with a touch of cabin fever.  When Robbo gets the blahs, his Muse takes a powder.

Anyhoo, here we are again.

Ol’ Robbo got eaten alive by gnats while out mowing the lawn this weekend.  I simply do not recall such a dense and aggressive swarm about my face before.  Was it the attraction of my house-arrest beard?  Or was it glowball enwarmening?  Either way, we’re all dead.

On that front, I notice that my neighbor has started feeding a fox that lives just inside the tree line behind us.  I’m not sure what to think about this.  On the one hand, I like to see the fox.  On the other, there is always the rabies concern.  I don’t want Decanter Dog to have an Old Yeller Moment.

Speaking of rabies, for the past five weeks now Ol’ Robbo’s only excursions out into the world have been his weekly runs to the grock store and Total Bev to get in weekend dins and fresh supplies of the needful.  At the store, I’d say about ninety percent of the customers are wearing masks these days.  I don’t.  I’m getting so browned off that I find myself almost disappointed that no Karen has hissed at me about it.

And speaking of excursions, I would note that Middle Gel snapped her fingers at Kommissar Northam and went to visit a school friend a couple hours away this weekend.  We at Port Swiller Manor have a baaaad feeling that he’s going to be one of the very last holdouts regarding the lifting of the police state.  Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved to shorten the Commonwealth’s motto to “Semper Tyrannis” and reversed the positions of the figures on our flag.  How on earth did we ever saddle ourselves with such a monster?

Whelp, that’s enough to get things going again, I believe.

UPDATE:  Forgot to mention – On a sunnier note, I got a call from my parish office Friday.  They were just calling round to check up on folks and see how they’re doing.  It actually made my day.  (The better news, according to the nice lady with whom I chatted, is that our flock seems to be in good shape, and that family and friends are looking out for one another.)