Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

As mentioned below, Mrs. R brought home a jigsaw puzzle for the kitchen table, free to any of the Family Robbo who find Plague Time weighing heavy on their hands.

Ol’ Robbo finds himself strangely, neurotically drawn to the thing:  All those pieces….A thousand….Just lying there in a random jumble!…The center cannot hold…..Entropy!…...CHAOS!!.….MUST. ESTABLISH. ORDER!!!!

**Twitch, Twitch**

Anyhoo, fooling with the thing brings to mind two questions, one on etiquette and the other substantive.

First, amongst aficionados of this sort of thing, is it considered sporting to consult the picture of the completed puzzle on the box top for clues as to where certain pieces might go?  Or is that akin to looking up crossword answers or shooting a sitting bird?  (I’ve a vague memory of reading about a really hard-core puzzle that is pitch-black and unsolvable except by trying every single combination of pieces.)

Second, as I also mentioned, the puzzle is entitled “Movies” and is a collage of iconic characters, props. and posters from, well, a lot of different movies, both classic and modern.  (I put together one section that I at first thought was Errol Flynn as Robin Hood but turned out to be that whatshername from “The Hunger Games”.)  Earlier this evening, Eldest mentioned that she had pieced together the “Love, Actually” unit.

“Man,” I said, “They must have really been getting desperate for ideas if they put that one in.”

“Dad, it’s a classic,” she replied.

“Go on!” I said.  “Mom dragged me to see that when it first opened because Colin Firth.  I remember I couldn’t stop sniggering.  It was the only time she ever hit me and really meant it.  That‘s no classic.”

“Yes, Dad, it is.”

Granted, I only saw the movie once, and that was seventeen years ago, but all I remember is a toxic cocktail of utter schmaltz.  (Which made me laugh especially hard when “Arrested Development” parodied it as “Love, Indubitably“.)

Yes, I know: Firth and Hugh Grant.  But was it really that big a deal?

UPDATE:  It is done.  Eldest discovered a real taste for jigsaws, and as she can be as obsessive-compulsive as her old dad sometimes, we put in a lot of hours over the past couple days.  We plan on doing more of them.

As for the collage, it was fun trading info of the various films represented.  We also agreed that a movie puzzle that has zero pictures of Sean Connery but two of Will Farrell is evidence of a diseased mind.

Oh, and by the bye, I was chatting with my brother the doctor this afternoon.  For what it’s worth, he agrees with both the rants and the predictions I’ve been posting here about Coronapalooza over the past couple weeks.

UPDATE DEUX:  Per request, here ’tis.  (I think you can see some of teh detail if you blow it up.)

Since Kommissar Northam just put the Commonwealth into lockdown until June 10, looks like the Family Robbo will have plenty of time to get good at these things.