Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Mrs. Robbo managed to score a mega-pack of TP at Tarjay this morning!  (This’ll be the stuff to tell our grandchildren some day!)

Ol’ Robbo’s plague-beard continues to come along apace.  Not yet Grizzly Adams territory, but I seem to have plenty of time still.

So far the tele-work/tele-education arrangements seem to be working out reasonably well.  We’ve put up a schedule of office hours/class times to remind everyone to be extra quiet and respectful.  Middle Gel is even doing choir rehearsals on-line.

Everybody else in the house is doing on-line video sessions of one kind or another.  Ol’ Robbo is not.  Ol’ Robbo is going to resist any attempt to make him do so with every fiber of his being.

Of course, I’m at it all day (work, that is).  And I’ve come to the conclusion that lurking full time in my basement office is going to turn me into a potato.  Fortunately, it’s just warm enough today to merit moving out on to the porch.  (There must be fifty robins in my immediate neighborhood chirping at each other.)

We’ve gone to full time family dinners that past couple weeks now.  (We didn’t used to during the work week because I get home too late.)  So far, no casualties.

Well, there is plenty to gripe about out there, but I will just leave you with these little happy thoughts for now.  I hope all you friends of the decanter are plowing through and don’t have to deal with major disruptions or catastrophes coming out of this pig’s breakfast.

Time for more cofevve!

UPDATE:  Moar Small Winnings

Went for a pre-dinner walk with Eldest Gel.

Mrs. R brought home a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and plopped it out on the kitchen table for anybody to fool with as they passed by.  It’s a cartoon collage of movie characters.  The very top, right corner is the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Black Knight: I’m invincible! 

King Arthur: You’re a loony.

That makes me laugh each and every of the umpteen times I’ve seen that film.