Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Day Three of the Great Coronapalooza Shut-In and Ol’ Robbo can already tell that he’s going to have to modify the way he approaches this tele-commuting biznay.  I’ve been teleworking Mondays and Fridays since last August, but it’s only this week that I’ve gone full-time.

Spending all day every day down the basement study flopped on a very comfy sofa with my laptop sounds well and good but…….if I don’t come up with some ways to break things up a bit, I’m quickly going to turn into Jack Nicholson typing “All work and no play makes Robbo a dull boy” over and over.  I’ve also found that all that lassitude actually makes it harder to get myself to exercise after work, not easier.

Fortunately, the next couple days are going to be quite mild, so I’ll be able to move operations out on to the porch.  That’ll certainly help, but I’ve got to be better about making myself get up and move around more, too.  Any ideas?