Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, Coronavirus fever (so to speak) continues to spread.  I just heard a rumor that Middle Gel’s university may be shutting down tomorrow.  Our local public school district has already declared Monday will be a “holiday” so that it can “evaluate the situation”, which we believe is code for  “prepare teachers and staff for closing”.  My own shop seems to be creeping slowly to full-time telecommuting, too.

Ol’ Robbo has been following the data pretty closely, and I still think what I thought earlier:  This virus seems to be pretty bad news for the elderly and those with pre-existing breathing issues.  For everybody else? So far, I’m just not seeing it.  Certainly not seeing any reason for panic.  And I absolutely loathe those politickal jackels who are already speaking of “Trump’s Katrina” or, even more inflamatory, “Trump’s Chernobyl.”


For all that, a few observations:

I’ve seen a few people wearing masks.  Most of them seem to be young, hipster soibois.  This strikes me as more posing than anything else.

I find it disturbing that in 21st Century America we feel the need to put up detailed instructions for adults on how to wash one’s hands.  The singing of ditties to ensure that one does so long enough in particular is a trick formerly taught to kindergarteners.

On the other hand, Ol’ Robbo can really get behind this “social distancing” thing.  Hey, I was a misanthropic shut-in before it was cool to be a misanthropic shut-in!

I understand one is not supposed to refer to the illness as “Wuhan Virus” anymore because that is racist.  Spanish Influenza and German Measles called to say grow the hell up.

Whelp, we’ll see what happens.  I’m still guessing that a month or six weeks from now, people are going to feel pretty foolish.

UPDATE:  Ol’ Robbo just learned that Eldest’s college will be shut down for the rest of the month semester, classes to be taken online.  Eldest happens to be home for spring break anyway, so will take advantage of the extra leave to do some local job hunting.  Middle Gel’s school is going to on-line classes for the next two weeks but not shutting down the campus, which seems a bit strange to me.  She works the front desk in one of the dorms and is designated “essential personnel” so could not have come home anyway, but still.  As for Youngest? All the other local school districts are starting to cascade, so I’ve no doubt we’ll fall into line shortly.

My office will be conducting telework “drills” this weekend, and I don’t doubt we’ll go full-tilt boogie next week.  This actually won’t bother me so much, since next week also sees the start of the Great Metro Construction Fiasco which will make the next ten months quite burdensome for me on days I have to go in.

My contempt for all of this brouhaha has only deepened in the twenty-four hours since I originally put up this post, by the bye.  I may be wrong, but I hope I’m not.  And I hope you hope I’m not as well.

UPDATE DEUX:  Youngest’s school board abruptly shut things down late last night, for how long I simply don’t know yet.  Craven, panicky sheep.  St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method is still open, but I now expect Mrs. R to find herself on the beach shortly.   Grrrrr….