Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, last evening we wrote our final check for Eldest’s college edumacation.  Hard to believe she’ll graduate in June.

Yeah, we have to start paying for Youngest this summah, so we’ll still be carrying two of them for the next two years (here’s praying the Market stays strong!), but as Mrs. R pointed out you take your milestones when you can get them.

Our rule has always been that we would cover the Gels’ undergrad studies but that if they decided to go to grad school, that would be on them.  I don’t think this is the least bit unreasonable, as it allows us to avoid beggaring ourselves and at the same time teaches them a thing or two about financial responsibility.  They are adults, after all.

So huzzay, huzzah!

UPDATE:  For Vic, and any other friends of the decanter who may be interested, in fact Eldest has been accepted into a graduate program, but she’s still in the midst of figuring out financial aid, internships, on-campus employment, and the like in order to see if she can make it fly and I don’t want to say anything until her plans have been finalized.  (Sorry to sound mysterious.)

UPDATE DEUX:  Absolutely nothing to do with the above, but as this is Saturday and I usually try to post something garden-related, I will just say that the robins are out in force at Port Swiller Manor this afternoon and that I don’t care if the idea that they cock their heads like that in order to listen for tasty worms has been exploded as false, I choose to believe it anyway. N’yah.