Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Not that the question is liable to enter your mind, but no, Ol’ Robbo does not plan to watch the Game this year.  I don’t have any tie whatsoever to or even knowledge of either team, and all those woke commercials I’ve heard tell will be airing would just spike my blood pressure.

I reckon I’ll pass.

UPDATE:  Well, I see from the headlines that the Chiefs came from behind to beat the 49ers.  Ol’ Robbo is pleased by this, since I’m still smarting from the Dolphins’ Super Bowl loss to the 49ers back in 1985.  At the time, I figured that was just going to be the first of many SB appearances by Dan Marino, but as the years rolled on and the ‘Fins never made it back, I got increasingly bitter.

Probably why I largely dropped pro ball when Marino retired.

And first commenter to say “Laces out, Dan!” spends a night in the box.