Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, it was Neil Innes a couple weeks ago, and by now I’m sure word has already flown round the decanter of the death of Monty Python’s Terry Jones,

Somehow or other, Ol’ Robbo either missed or forgot about the news that Jones had been diagnosed with a form of dementia a few years back.  Evidently, this was what did him in.

All the remaining Pythons are roughly the same age, so I expect we’re going to hear of more of them checking out sooner rather than later.

A curious thing about his Flying Circus days is that Jones seemed to do roles involving either taking off his clothes or dressing in drag rather more than any of his associates.  Make of that what you will.  He also strikes me as the perpetual supporting character.  Flipping rapidly through the files in my brains, I really can’t think of many skits in which he was the stand-out lead.

I believe he directed or co-directed all three of the Python films.  (Ol’ Robbo still loves “Holy Grail” after all these years.  And I think the “religious controversy” over “Life of Brian” is silly.  But despite my allusion to it in the title to this post, I simply do not much like “Meaning of Life” because it’s so savage and bitter.  Mrs. R’s very first exposure to Python was the live organ transplant scene and she’s point-blank refused to ever have anything to do with Python since.  A sad gulf.)

His movie “Erik the Viking” is always worth tossing into the Netflix queue.

On the other hand, I also tried to watch a series he did on Medieval History – which I believe he studied at University – but found it rather condescending and laced with what C.S. Lewis called “chronological snobbery”.

All in all, however, a funny, talented man, and a sad loss.