Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, the big oak out front has left a mess in the yard, so Ol’ Robbo needs to get out his rake today.  I feel no obligation to do so, however, until it stops raining later on.

In the meantime, 2+2 will never equal 5 no matter how much our lords and masters insist otherwise, and the words “Hilary Clinton”, “youthful”, and “radiant” will never, ever belong in the same sentence.

I’ve never understood this Botox biznay.  Every single person I can think of who’s had this kind of cosmetic treatment winds up simply looking like a freak.  I also object in general to the notion of trying to hide aging instead of treating it with dignity and respect.

Whole thing reminds me of Katherine Helmond’s character in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.  I would remind people once again that the film was supposed to be a dystopian satire, not a how-to guide.

Go figure.

A glass of wine with the Puppy Blender.

UPDATE:  For those of you keeping track, leaves successfully rounded up despite the fact that they were very wet.