Ol’ Robbo would be remiss without congratulating the Spacemen of Houston for defeating the Yankees and making their way to the World Series.

I confess that I really haven’t followed the ‘Stros at all.  (I’m very much Division-centric in my tracking habits.)  My only exposure is that every time stat graphics are put up for this or that category, they always seem to include some monster number or other for Houston.  (Recently I saw their run-differential number and about fell out of my chair.)  I gather that they’re a pure powerhouse kind of team.

Whelp, it’s gonna be interesting.  From what I’ve seen, pretty much everybody has Robbo’s beloved Nats as the underdogs.  But nobody seems to be suggesting an outright blowout.  So we’ve got that going for us.

An interesting dynamic:  If the Yankees had won, I believe we would have seen a lot of nation-wide rallying behind the Nats in a David and Goliath (or for you kids, Luke and Vader) story line.  I don’t get that same vibe going into the Nats/Astros series.  Like the Dallas Cowboys before them, the Astros have been reaching for an “America’s Team” identity.  The Nats?  Well, although there’s nothing the slightest bit politickal about the team or its fans, we do come from the Swamp, which is – to put it delicately – less than popular these days.   Also, most of the national coverage I’ve seen of the playoffs so far emphasizes the mistakes the Dodgers and Cardinals made in losing, not the effort or talent behind the Nats’ victories.  So I’m guessing the majority of MLB fans who actually care one way or the other will probably be rooting for the boys from Houston.

We shall see what happens.

UPDATE:  Well, well, well!  Robbo’s beloved Nats returning after taking the first two off the ‘Stros in their own park was the very last thing Ol’ Robbo expected.  Is it just possible that they might finally start getting some national recognition and respect?  (Even now, most of the chatter seems to be about how the ‘Stros lost,  rather than how we won.)

Thank Heaven today is a travel day.  I stayed up to watch both games (plus all the post-game stuff) which meant not getting to bed until well past midnight two nights in a row.  Since I have to get up shortly after 5 ack emma for work, you can well imagine that I’m running pretty much on fumes at the moment.  And speaking of watching, Ol’ Robbo will admit that during the regular season Mrs. R has certain grounds for legitimate complaint about my hollering at the teevee.  I think, however, that I ought to get a special dispensation under the current circumstances.

Well, we’ll see what happens going forward.  No way will I provoke the Baseball Gods by getting cocky.  Instead, I will maintain a guarded optimism.  If we can keep playing the way we have, I think we at least have a real shot.

What else is there to say, except