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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

How about a few odds and ends from Meat-Space Robbo’s life?

♦  Went for my annual physical yesterday.  (Actually, it’s been two years since my last.)  I have a new doc, my long-time previous one having recently moved her practice too far away to be practical.  I think I like new doc, as she is no-nonsense and to the point, but she doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor, which is a pity.  Anyhoo, although pronouncing me generally fit, she’s putting me on BP meds.  Not that mine is outrageously high, but it’s at the high end of normal and, according to the EKG, is beginning to have an effect on Mr. Heart.  I’ve got no problem with this.  What I do have a problem with is her recommendation that I cut back on wine and coffee.  When she made it, I smiled diplomatically and kept my thoughts to myself (thoughts running along the lines of “Wine glass….coffeve mug….cold dead fingers…..”).

Oh, and she gently pointed out the arthritis in my knees, which is not exactly news to me.

(And no, she didn’t do that exam.  In this respect, it’s probably just as well that she’s so cold.  Prior doc was kinda hawt and quite friendly, and it was only Ol’ Robbo’s Guardian Angel who prevented him more than once from making some crack about flowers or buying breakfast.)

♦  I received this week a potential juror questionnaire from my County.  This is the first time I’ve ever come close to jury duty since I got a notice about it 30-odd years ago.  (As I was in college in Connecticut at the time and the notice emanated from my home in Bexar County, Texas, I simply ignored it.)  This time I figure I’ll dodge it because the Great Commonwealth of Virginny has a statutory claim for exemption based on active bar membership and legal practice.  (No trial lawyer in his right mind would want another lawyer empaneled on a jury anyway.)  I duly checked the relevant box and sent the questionnaire back and don’t expect to hear any more about it.

Not that I’m active in Virginny anymore, mind you.  I passed the bar here in 1991 and maintained active status until I went to work for Uncle back in 2004.  Then I went inactive because Virginny requires annual CLE credits (which DC, where I’ve been active since the mid 90’s, does not), and Uncle won’t pay for them.  That I keep my membership in the Commonwealth’s bar at all (and hoik up the corresponding annual dues) is a matter of self-respect.  This way, I can still maintain the position that I’m a Virginny lawyer who happens to be practicing in Your Nation’s Capital, instead of a full-blown denizen of the Swamp, the last thing I ever imagined I’d be growing up.

♦  Recently, Ol’ Robbo has noticed a tendency in Youngest Gel to get half-way through a substantive sentence and then suddenly cut it off with, “Like…….yeah.”  Is this a thing among the Young People?  Once I became aware of it, it took on the status of an ear-worm and now drives me crazy every time I hear it.  Not that I’m not fighting back, mind you:  “Finish the thought.  FINISH THE THOUGHT!” is now my response of choice.

Kids today.  They’re young.

Well that’s all the news from Port Swiller Manor, where all the Mrs. R’s are strong, all the Robbos are good-looking (not!), and all the Gels are above average……..


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