Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

The other day Verizon upgraded the Port Swiller Manor communications package, giving us not one but two new routers.

My laptop is perfectly fine with the new arrangement, but my phone absolutely hates it.  Tried catching up with Sistah yesterday and even when I found a good reception spot, after a few minutes it would fade out on me again.  Same deal happened when Middle Gel tried to call me to chat.  (On the other hand, I don’t seem to have any problems with either text-messaging or accessing the Innertoobs from it.)

It’s an older iPhone, a hand-me-down from Mrs. R, but I wasn’t noticing any particular problems with it last week before the service upgrade.  Is this issue some kind of clash between levels of technology?  Or is my phone just dying?  I have no idea.

I actually dislike talking on the phone more and more the older I get, but I dislike shouting, “Hello? Hello?? HELLO???” in baffled, futile fury even more.

UPDATE: Oh, and any wag who wants to make a deafness joke here gets a night in the box.  In fact, I am getting deafer, but it’s the kind of deafness where I can’t pick out an individual conversation in a noisy environment like a party.  I’ve seriously started to consider whether a hearing-aid might not be a bad thing to check out.  And yes, you can get off my lawn now.