Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A nasty hot and humid day here at Port Swiller Manor and far too unpleasant for any heavy outdoor lifting.  Instead, after cutting back the wisteria on the porch stairs that was threatening to eat the bird-feeder whole, I just slapped down a layer of weed n’ feed on the lawn and called it a day.  A pro-tip about weed n’ feed:  If you’ve got some left in a bag and hope to use it in the future, make sure you clamp the bag shut very tightly.  I had some left over from this spring but moisture had somehow got in and it was like trying to spread used clumping kitty-litter.  (Fortunately, I had another unopened bag.)

Who else here finds a true pleasure in using a Scott’s rotary spreader?  To me there is something eminently satisfying about watching the thing cast its load about.  And it’s also satisfying to flip on the edging lever and dance in right up next to the garden beds, secure in the knowledge that they will remain unaffected.  (There’s no good reason one couldn’t use the thing to spread ice-melt on the driveway, right?)  Perhaps I’m just a weirdo.

By the bye, I take back my reservations about the kawfee-maker Eldest brought home.  Based on her recommendation, I stopped fooling about with the more  zipped up options and tried brewing just a regular cuppa.  It was actually quite good.  Also based on her recommendation, after getting done outside today I tried the “brew over ice” option which slows down the drip rate so as not to overwhelm the ice and melt it.  It made a very nice glass of iced kawfee, indeed, which I am sipping even as I type.  (For those of you interested, the Mayorga Café Cubano is the house kawfee at Port Swiller Manor.  It’s da bomb.)

UPDATE:  As I described the weather earlier as “nasty hot and humid”, a voice in the back of my head was saying, “Self, if this doesn’t gin up a thunderstorm later, then it’s just not fair.”  Well, Ma Nature teased all afternoon, but now in the gentle evenfall we’re getting just that.  And the really nice part is that the sun is almost down so there’s no chance of things hotting back up once it’s over.  The storm doesn’t seem to be moving very much at all, but rayther simply bubbled up right over us.  Sometimes one gets a bit o’ luck.

UPDATE DEUX:  Stopped by AccuWeather on my way to catch the Nats’ game and my analysis was confirmed by radar.  One stationary cell right overhead and not another echo for a hundred miles.  Considering how many storms miss Port Swiller Manor, sometimes seemingly deliberately, I feel perfectly justified in gloating just a bit.  And no, I’m not a nerd.  Why do you ask?

UPDATE TROIS:  Sunday afternoon, I counted no fewer than forty butterflies – mostly, but by no means exclusively, Eastern Tiger Swallowtails – messing about in my Buddleia garden.  That’s got to be worth something.