Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of the decanter will know that if wine is Ol’ Robbo’s omega, kawfee is also his alpha.

Today I’m trying out a Ninja Hot n’ Cold Brew System.  Eldest bought it for her dorm a year or two ago but finds she doesn’t use it, so she brought it home.

The thing has all sorts of buttons to regulate brew strength and cup size, and also has a milk frother attached to the side.  It also comes with a recipe book for all sorts of specialty concoctions.

For all that, you have to clean out the grounds out after each cup,  (It’s a single-serving machine.)  And I have to say after my second or third cuppa that I’m really not all that overly-impressed with the taste.

I benched my Mr. Coffee 12-cup pot in order to give the Ninja a try.  Not so sure he’s going to stay there.

UPDATE:  Eldest informs me that I didn’t have the settings right and that I need to hit the “Café Forte” button to truly appreciate what the thing can do.  I’m a fair-minded fellah, so will withhold judgment until I can check it out.

UPDATE DEUX:  Not really related, but Ol’ Robbo had himself a deviled ham sammich for lunch today.  They used to be a regular in the school lunch rotation of my misspent yoot, but I haven’t had one in years now, and I was seized with a sudden curiosity while shopping yesterday.

Maybe it’s just a childhood conditioning thing, but I still thought it was kinda tasty.

UPDATE TROIS:  Speaking of childhood lunches, and possibly saving this post from utter banality, friends of the decanter may recall my mention of redepositing Youngest at camp for the second time last weekend, there to serve a two week turn on the kitchen crew.  Last week we had a note from her saying she was rather homesick.  This isn’t surprising.  While she had many, many returning friends her first term (kids generally go to the same term every summah), she knew hardly anybody this time around.

Well, we got another note today, in which she announced she’s having a blast.  Her cabin have got very tight very quickly, and she loves working the kitchen.  (I don’t doubt that she’s hamming it up for the diners for all she’s worth.)

And if that doesn’t make you smile, how about a kitteh?

“I can haz napz?”