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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

The surprisingly cool weather I referred to in the post below last evening stuck around Port Swiller Manor today.  According to my porch thermometer, it’s only in the upper 70’s at the moment, the air is nice and dry, and there’s a lovely breeze.  I shall grill out in comfort this evening, oh, you betcha.

I was reading up on how to overseed one’s lawn this afternoon, something I really think I should do, as I haven’t done much more than mow it in nearly twenty years and it’s got quite elderly.  Alas, the steps one seems to need to take just to get the thing ready to receive new seed seem pretty daunting.  Mine is pretty overrun with weeds, which would need to be got rid of first.  Then there’s the biznay of hogging back the current grass and dethatching it.  Then there’s the biznay of going over the thing with an aerator (which I’d have to rent).  Only after that are you supposed to actually put the seed down.  Then you have to put down a thin layer of mulch and spend the next few weeks constantly watering it.

It’d be one thing if I didn’t have anything else to do with myself.  But there’s that whole “earning money so the wimminfolk can spend it” thing getting in the way.  I suppose I could call around to some local lawncare companies and price out the job.  But every time I start considering that, my Scots Presbyterian ancestry kicks in and tells me the yard is green enough as it is and I shouldn’t be throwing away money on vanities.

I guess Ol’ Robbo will just have to toss this idea back into the “pending” tray in his braim and perhaps revisit it another time.



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