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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, here we are, finally in the right Dog Days of Summah.  Although there seems to be no formal consensus as to when they technically begin and end, for Ol’ Robbo said pooch-time has always fallen from the beginning of August through the first week of September.  Not a whole lot needs doing outdoors except watering the various pots and half-whiskey barrels scattered about.

I’m sure I will be told otherwise by my Betters, but so far this seems to have been a pretty typical summah in my part of the Great Commonwealth of Virginny.  We’ve had a couple of upper-90’s surges, but at least at Port Swiller Manor we haven’t cracked triple digits that I can recall.  For the most part we’ve hovered in the upper-80’s/low-90’s range, and there have been very few evenings when it’s been just too damn hot to eat dinner out on the porch.  Hopefully, Ma Nature will continue to restrain herself for the next five to six weeks.

Which reminds me:  That the worst of the summah and wintah weather always occurs after the respective solstices, and that their effects can linger so far into the fall and spring, has always felt a bit counter-intuitive to Ol’ Robbo.  I’ve read up on the scientific explanation for this lag but still, it just doesn’t seem right.

But what do I know.


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