Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No gardening to report at Port Swiller Manor today because Ol’ Robbo cleverly got it all done yesterday and Thursday.

In fact, I did have one project planned for this morning.  As I have mentioned here from time to time, the Manor sits on a hillside, downhill from the street and sidewalk, and run-off has been an on-going issue ever since we got here.  When the rain gets heavy enough to overwhelm the field drains in the front, the water cuts across the yard and goes round the side of the house down a short, steep drop.  In order to limit the erosive effect of this, a few years back we cleared out the area and put in a bed of river stones.

The bed works well enough for any normal rainfall, but that insane downpour (three inches in an hour, I’m told) we had a couple weeks back actually made a mess of it.  A lot of the stones were rolled to the bottom while others were shoved in under seams in the underlying liner, which itself got pulled off its anchors at the top of the slope.  (It’s scary what waterpower can do when it wants to.)

So Ol’ Robbo has to fix it up again.  Unfortunately, the stones are of such a size that they can’t be raked or shoveled conveniently, so the job is going to involve literally tossing them about.  Also, I have to pick out the larger ones with which the bed is framed and put them back in their place, which will be a tedious biznay.

In fact, my plan was to hire a kid, a friend of the family looking to make a little extra pocket money, to help me out.  Unfortunately, he had to go to an unexpected funeral today, so understandably bailed on me.  Given that, and given that I’m still technically on hols until Monday, I just said the hell with it.