Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo has been busy cleaning out his desk at work, as our office is upping sticks and moving to new digs in a couple weeks.

Pawing around in the drawers today, not only did I find a bottle of Tums that expired in August 2011, I also found my old Blockbuster Video membership card and a stash of Daytimer**  monthly planners from 2004 and 2005.

Good thing nobody booby-trapped them with snakes, giant rolling rocks, or death-dealing false copies back in the day.  (My file cabinets were a different matter. Spiders and collapsing doors, y’know.)  Also fortunate that I didn’t run into a party of Nazis competing to find them.  (What, you think Hitler wouldn’t have been interested in my movements for August 2004? Ha! “Vot ist in zis miserable diary?” Nothing goose-stepping morons would understand!)

Ol’ Robbo hates to throw anything away, so in order to overcome my reluctance to chuck these and many, many other bits of long-expired garbage, I just kept imagining the voice of Sean Connery in my mind saying, “Let it go, Robbo, let it go….”


** Looking up the link just now, I’m astonished the company is still in biznay, what with everybody typing everything into their iWhatevers and their email calendars.  Paper organizers in leather cases is very old school.  I like it!