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Robbo’s currently enjoying his first gin and tonic in a very long time, courtesy of his esteemed In-Laws, who brought me a large bottle of Bombay.  And what better way to serve it up than in the ol’ Sweet Briar Jigger?

This is actually a relic of Mrs. R’s time at SBC (somebody’s probably get sued for producing it these days because that’s not funny!), although I now cannot recall the occasion on which she got it. Possibly it was Junior Banquet, by which time we’d already been dating for over a year.

It’s a bit of a marvel that the thing has survived all these years intact.  (I attribute this to minimal usage and hand-washing.)

Still makes me smile whenever I get it out.

Good times.  Good times.

UPDATE:  Now that I think on it, the last G&T’s I had were in Bermuda last summah when Mrs. R and I went there for our 25th.  Which see:

Because what the heck else are you going to drink on a beach in Bermuda, right?  (Yes, that’s Thackery’s Vanity Fair, which I find more entertaining every time I reread it.)

On the other hand, it’s been some years now since I had a bottle in the house.  I really just don’t drink the hard stuff much anymore, and confine myself pretty exclusively to the grape. (To give you an idea, I bought bottles of Laphroaig and cognac for Christmas 2017, and I’m still working on both and nowhere near the bottom of either.)

By the bye, the In-Laws also gave me a bottle of Pimm’s, which I also haven’t sampled in a while.   Just to amuse myself,  I think I’m going to devote this to trying to come up with the most elaborate Pimm’s Cup recipes I can.  (When I interned in Parliament between college and law school, I found myself one weekend helping the wife of Sir Phillip Goodhart, MP to concoct a giant bowl of Pimm’s Cup for a party.  Cucumbers certainly played a role, as did most members of the citrus family.)  Any ideas friends of the decanter may have will be received gratefully and probably be written up here as well.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A very buggy morning here at Port Swiller Manor.

I recall reading somewhere that “scientists” believe there actually might be something to the old saying that flies bite more before a storm.  If I recall correctly, the thinking is that they (the flies, not the scientists) are sensitive to drops in air pressure and act accordingly.

Not that I’ve been bitten much in my first rounds this morning and I don’t think it’s actually supposed to rain today, but the number of flying varmints prompts me to hunt up the bug spray before venturing to go out and mow.

In fact, the yard is right at that in-between stage re needing a haircut, and on any other weekend I’d probably just let it go.  But we’re having the In-Laws over for a BBQ this evening before they hit the road for points north tomorrow.  They probably don’t much care, but Mrs. R assuredly does even without my asking, so here we are.

UPDATE:  Of course, the above was written on the assumption that there is some bug spray in the house.  Another old saying is that one should never assume because it makes an “ass’ of “u” and “me”.  Chomp, chomp.

GRRRR-INDUCING UPDATE DEUX: Remember that extremely expensive and so far useless generator Ol’ Robbo was talked into installing last year?  Well for the past couple weeks I’ve fancied, although couldn’t be quite sure, that it hadn’t cooked off for its automatic Saturday noon five-minute exercise.  Today I deliberately sat out and waited for it.  No dice.  I opened the hood and found an error code on the digital display.  I looked that up in the owner’s manual and it gave me two possible definitions plus two possible sets of instructions, neither of which really mean anything to me.  Time to call the techs, I guess.  (Ol’ Robbo doesn’t do home repair that involves electricity, and I don’t mind admitting that’s because I’m afraid of it.)

We actually lost power for a couple hours a few weeks back and the thing had kicked in.  I had had to run an errand at the time and the power was back on by the time I got home.  Eldest told me she thought the generator had cut out before the power came back on, but she wasn’t sure.  Seems more likely now.

Somebody tell me again why I agreed to this thing?



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