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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Regular friends of the decanter will recall all the elbow grease Ol’ Robbo expended over Memorial Day weekend to tackle various clean-up and touch-up tasks?  Well today it was the yard’s turn, with extra-detailed mowing, trimming, and cleaning off of driveway and sidewalk, together with massive deadheading (the peonies are done as are the first round of roses) and a clearing out of the weeds around the butterfly bush in the garden.

Why all the spit and polish? Well, Mrs. R’s ‘rents arrive tomorrow for a week’s stay and she has been in a particular doodah this time around to put her best foot forward.  Why she imagines this visit is something akin to an admiral’s inspection I really couldn’t say, but I’ve been humoring her with all this extra effort nonetheless.  As long as I receive proper, ah, credit, I really don’t mind at all.

In any event, Port Swiller Manor is looking pretty durn good this evening, which is a pleasant thing in and of itself.  Let’s hope the place can hold its breath long enough to weather the visit with honor and allow Mrs. R to unclench once it’s over.

By the bye, how the heck did it get to be June already?  Ol’ Robbo has a lot of wisteria round about the yard, and for the past couple weeks we’ve been enjoying their collective scent, but their blooms are now quite gone.  On the other hand, my oak-leaf hydrangea hedge is coming out in flower nicely this week, the aforementioned butterfly bushes are starting to bud, and I popped a few early raspberries into my mouth as I passed back and forth in front of their bed today.  Also, the jackmanii clematis by the garage is going great guns now.

I wish I could be easier in my mind about the pair of jasmine I planted in a very sunny spot along the front of the garden fence.  They both definitely made it through the winter, but they’re only leafing out right now very close to their bases: If they’re going to vine out and start throwing batches of heavenly-scented flowers, it seems to me they’d better get busy.  I still fear we’re somewhat too far north for them, but then again I only put them in last year, so we’ll see what happens.

Oh, and on the birding front, I think I forgot to mention that I saw my first hummer two weeks ago.  I refreshed my feeder, but so far no additional sightings.  This one might just have been a pass-through.  The hen that I’m convinced has been coming back here consistently for the past few years usually turns up a little bit later.



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