Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo just got done with about six hours’ worth of power-washing the Port Swiller porch and patio, plus the stairs between them and a fairish bit of fence in the immediate neighborhood.

I think I’m entitled to sit down now.

The Rolled-Back Rug Reveals Pre-Wash Grunginess Status

Ol’ Robbo enjoys using the washer because it’s one of those tasks that produces immediately noticeable results.  (A year’s worth of grime builds up very gradually and it’s always a bit of a surprise to rediscover the floor’s original color.)  Plus, I’ve always loved the smell of fresh water on wood and concrete on a warm day.

The problem is one of logistics.  First I have to move everything on the porch to one side of it and wash the other.  After waiting for that side to dry, I of course have to move everything across again in order to wash the other.  Finally, I have to put everything back in its original place.  Then there’s the fact that the washer itself has a hose, a power line, and the wand line coming out of it, all of which seem to enjoy getting tangled with each other.  When you’re trying to work your way up and down a flight of stairs with a 90 degree landing with the hose running up from down below and the power line plugged into an outlet up above, it can get rather complicated.

And by the time I get to the patio, I always find myself asking why in Heaven’s name I didn’t break this down into a two-day job.

Order Status: Restored

But ne’er mind:  The jtask is done, everything is clean and fresh, and Mrs. R will be quite pleased when she gets home.

Tomorrow, Ol Robbo paints: Front-porch portico, mailbox post, and as much of the fence as I have time to touch up.  The portico will be especially fun.  Not only do I need to sandpaper off some tar that has leaked out from under the shingle, patch-prime, and repaint the entire top part of the trim, I have to do so lying on top of the thing and leaning over the edge because I don’t have a ladder long enough to get at it.  It’s only about 12 feet up, but that’s quite enough for me and my fear of heights.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

UPDATE:  Okay, after catching my breath and having a tall glass of iced kawfee, I found myself reasoning that I still had lots of time before dinner and why not get a jump on tomorrow?  So I grabbed up the sandpaper, primer, and brush, and went back to work, my first job being the portico.  Yes, I got up on top of it as described above.

The Port Swiller Manor front door faces southwest and gets full afternoon sun.  Please accept Uncle Robbo’s warning that lying in shorts and a t-shirt on asphalt shingles under such conditions is not a terribly good idea.  (Unless, of course, you’re in to burned forearms, knees and stomach.)  Nonetheless, I got it done, and primed the mailbox post as well.  Tomorrow, then, I can go straight to the paint.  (I’m not bothering to prime the fence but am just doing a quick and dirty extra-coat job in some of the places that need it most.)

I really think I’m entitled to sit down now.