Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo finds himself on the cusp of a four day Memorial Day Weekend, so how about an adult beverage, a chair on the porch, and a little this and that while my dinner is in the oven:

Storm of the Century of the Week Watch:  A line of thunderstorms came through Your Nation’s Capital this afternoon and we actually had a tornado warning downtown.  Everything is so wired together now that everybody’s iPhones, landlines, and desktops started cooking off with the alert at the same time.  I don’t much care for that.  Granted, it did get quite dark for a bit.  As it was lightening up to the west, about ten minutes after the alert, incredibly I heard our boss working her way along the hall and trying to shoo people into our “shelter in place” room.  I feigned deafness.  For whatever reason, she never made it as far as my office door.  Perhaps just as well, as I’d have had to squint at her.  Pure silliness.

Milestones:  Today marks the fourth anniversary of our adoption of Decanter Dog.  As I’ve mentioned before, she’s deeply neurotic and not terribly bright, but she’s extremely loyal to the family and has been one of the best things we’ve done.  (We don’t know how old she was when we got her – estimates are of anything between three and eight – so we don’t know how old she is now.  Hopefully, she’ll be around for many more years.)

Urge To Kill Department:  Bring me the head of Dave Martinez! I’m done with this mess.

Holiday? What Holiday?:  Ol’ Robbo is facing a daunting array of outdoor tasks this weekend which include a lot of painting, power-washing, and extra yardwork.  More about all this anon, but it’s all basically in aid of getting Port Swiller Manor shipshape for the arrival of the In-laws next weekend.  I’m actually spiking Mrs. R a bit over all this because I plan to do even more than she’s asked me to. (Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor.)

Whelp, I just heard the oven go “Bing!” so I’d better get to it.