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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, it’s actually still Friday, but it’s also Ol’ Robbo’s day off.  So rather than frowsting all morning, I decided to haul my carcass out of bed early and go take care of mowing and trimming the stately grounds of Port Swiller Manor before this weekend’s expected rains set in.  Mission accomplished.

(Speaking of which, Ol’ Robbo recently saw an article proclaiming that Lawns Are Eeeeevil and Must Die! Die! Die!  What the author actually means, of course, is that middle-class suburbanites are evil and must die, die, die, only xhe’s going about it incrementally here.  Sod off, Swampy.)

So does this mean that Robbo gets to sleep in tomorrow morning? Oh, ha, ha, ha!! Think that raspberry bed is going to clean and weed itself? Not bloody likely!

In the meantime, lynx-eyed Friends of the Decanter may recall two weeks ago that I mentioned possibly posting some pictures when my peonies started blooming?  Well, I do.  And so as I made my way round the yard today, I took my phone camera along with me:

Peonies first.  I bought a number of specimens years ago from some local hippy nursery via the Innertoobs.  I can’t remember the name of the nursery, nor was I clever enough to save the varietal information about my purchases (I was young and foolish in those days), so I can only show them to you and not offer any meaningful identification.

Here’s one.  Of the various strains of peony, Ol’ Robbo much prefers the “single-flower” type as being the cleanest and most elegant.

Here’s another, perhaps my favorite because it’s so very, very delicate-looking.  Somehow it always makes me think of the Moon:

Here’s a third.  Note this variety has the sort of pom-pom thing in the middle.  I believe this is an example of what’s either a semi-double or a bomb flower.

I’ve another couple of specimens that were originally a single plant which I discovered hiding in the raspberries when we first moved in, dug up, and separated.  They’ll open in the next few days and are a deep rich pink double-flower.  Rather too showy for me, but if you float a couple of them in a glass bowl full of water, it makes a very nice table centerpiece.

As I mentioned previously, it is, in fact, high time that I dug up all of these plants and separated out their roots.  Come next year, I’m going to have a heck of a lot of specimens.  Anybody in the neighborhood want one? I’d be happy to share!

Also, while at it, I snapped a couple of roses.  This first came from my parents’ place up ta Maine.  (Again, I’ve lost the varietal information.)  I brought it down years ago.  It gets cranky in the hot Virginny summah, but is happy enough at this time of year.

Second, this is the Double-Knockout that I transferred from porch pot to garden bed two falls ago.  It’ll go on doing this all summah with very, very little maintenance, which is why I like it so much.

I have a second D-K from last year which is just a bit behind this one, plus two other unknown specimens also from Maine that haven’t opened yet.

And while I’m at it, here’s this year’s D-K installment (it’s become my accustomed Mother’s Day present to Mrs. R) nestled into its pot at the top of the porch stairs under the wisteria.  (I don’t even take it out of the container it came in, just stick it on in.)  Again, it’ll keep serving up buds all summah long.

So there you have it.

The next likely bloom arrivals will be a climbing tea-rose I have out front and various clematis scattered about.  I’d be happy to post pics of them, too, if anybody’s interested.

UPDATE:  Raspberry Bed Status: Reformed.  That I even got around to cleaning it out at all this year means that I’m way ahead of the game.  Which is a nice feeling, especially as I don’t get it very often.







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