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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Eldest Gel arrived home earlier this evening after taking her last exams this morning.  As Middle Gel pointed out this afternoon while we were chatting, and as I hadn’t really thought about until then, this means Eldest is now a rising college senior.

Jumpin’ J. Jehospaphat!  How on earth could that possibly have happened?  Seems like just yesterday she was still in high school!

Middle Gel immediately asked me if this made me feel older.  At the moment I suppose I was still in shock because I said no.  Now that I’ve had time to think on it, however, yeah, yeah it does.

By the bye, I suppose this is as good a time as any to note for those of you who follow these things that Eldest is going back to Sweet Briar to finish up in the fall.  Long time friends of the decanter may recall that she transferred from there over to High Point this year.  I won’t go into all the whys and wherefores of her decision to return to SBC, but I’m awfully glad of it, as the standards of education are higher (as she herself admits), and the alumnae network is absolutely unbeatable in helping her in her next steps, whatever they turn out to be.   She’ll finish as a history major with a musical theatre minor.

I think she’s going to have a very, very good senior year.  God send that it doesn’t go by too quickly!

But of course it will.

Next spring, we’ll actually have not one but two graduations to deal with, as Youngest will be finishing up high school as well.  As I told Middle, that’s the one that really is going to make me feel the flow of time because she’s the back marker.  Heck, it seems like just yesterday that she was sitting in her high chair, smearing spaghetti sauce all over her face!

Oh, and speaking of the flow of time, the Puppy-Blender posted a FacePlant flashback featuring a remoulade recipe from Karl Bock, aka “Chef Mojo”.  I never met Chef in person, although he was a regular commenter over at the old Llama Butchers and sometimes also in the earlies here before his health went south.  But his mother and I are long-time friends in meat space.  It was nice to see this reminder turn up.





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