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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo sees that the weather-reporting section of the press has its knickers in a twist this week over a series of “bomb cyclones” churning over the upper Midwest.

It’s my understanding that “bomb cyclone” has been weather-nerd shorthand for an extratropical low pressure area of a given intensity for quite some time, but as best I can recollect, the term has really only been latched onto and popularized by the mainstream press within the last few years or so.

Part of this is just click-bait and ratings-whoring, of course, like the Weather Channel’s arbitrary decision to start naming winter storms.  But I believe there’s more to it.

If you report “Early Spring Snowstorm Sweeps Rockies, Upper Midwest” the average person will shrug and say, “So what’s new?”

But report “Bomb Cyclones Pound Great Lakes Region” and the message becomes completely different.  The same person will begin to wonder.  “Bomb” cyclone? That sounds violent….and unnatural…As if Planet Earth’s balance is somehow out of whack.  Could it be that we really are destroying the atmosphere with our way of life?

And I don’t think Robbo is entering tinfoil hat territory here.  First, I truly believe that the whole “debate” over “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” or whatever term it goes by today has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics (i.e., the push for globalist, technocratic collectivism).  Second, as I’ve said countless times to anyone who will stand still long enough, who controls the language  controls the debate.  (Hence the tussle over whether the people pouring across the Southern Border are “illegals” or “undocumented”.  Hence the branding by the Left of anyone who dare challenge its pogrom against Judeo-Christian teaching on marriage and the family as “phobes” and “haters”.)  It’s the same deal here: Make ordinary atmospheric phenomena sound scary enough and who in their right mind would dare challenge the assertion that Steps Must Be Taken?

Speaking of which, I notice that Insty recently took steps to clean up the trash ads in his sidebar, but before he did, one of the ads carried a banner headline that read something like, “SCIENTISTS URGE ONLY TEN YEARS TO PREVENT CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING”.  The illustration? A dark, steamy, rain-foresty place full of…..dinosaurs.  You know, you all remember reading in your history books about the First Industrial Age on this planet that was taken out by that giant asteroid 65 million years ago, right?





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