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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, here we are, rounding into the final stretch.  It’s hard to believe it’s only two weeks until Easter.

This has turned out to be what Ol’ Robbo is calling a very “tactile” Lent for me.  I’ve done little reading or otherwise pursuing what you might call the academic side of things this time around.  Instead, I’ve been focusing on fasting and abstinence, and really (as I mentioned a few weeks back) on prayer – and trying to live the thing rather than just thinking about it.  And this practice has proved good, I believe, in ways that are harder to describe than I can do in a mere slapped-off post done to kill a few minutes before its time to shove off for Mass, but are nonetheless real and substantial.  (Maybe, having made this step, I can now go back and combine the hands-on bits with the more egg-heady side of my faith.  Who knows what results that might bring?)

By the bye, just so you know (and I’m sure you’ve been on knife-edge wondering), I plan to keep up regular posting through Palm Sunday next week, and then to go dark after that until after Easter Sunday.

UPDATE:  I swear I sometimes think my Padre is a secret lurker ’round here.  His homily today was on the Gospel passage in John, Chapter 8 where Jesus starts mixing it up with the Sanhedrin. He’s speaking about His divinity, in fact revealing it, but the words are sailing right past their ears.  Our Padre expounded on this “hiding in the open”, talking about how He is with us in our lives too, but that we have to look and listen for Him in order to recognize His presence.  Not that I don’t try to discern anyway, but the practices I mention above have greatly aided in that.  This is what I mean by “hands-on”.  Thankee, Father!  Have some Stilton!


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