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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo, after a phone call with one of the Gels today in which we discussed an aspect of her immediate future, found himself having the same thought he’s had many times before:  I wish I had a dollar for every situation as the Gels have grown up in which, in answer to some conundrum or issue that has arisen, I have said, “I think you should consider doing ‘X’ (where ‘X’ equals some sensible, reasonable plan of action), only to have said solution either ignored, or sometimes outright resisted.  Then, after one or perhaps multiple iterations of the same conversation, the Gel one day out of the blue suddenly says, “You know, Dad, I think I ought to do ‘X'” without any reference to my prior opinion.

I’m not saying this little pattern – which is probably inevitable – is necessarily a bad thing.  Indeed, it’s probably good that they seem to feel the need to do the math for themselves.  It’s just that it takes rather a lot of (sometimes tedious) effort on my part and it would be nice to be able to make a little coin on the side off of it, that’s all.

UPDATE:  Speaking of the Gels, Ol’ Robbo received the happy news that both of the Elder two have locked down gainful employment for this summah.  AND, Middle Gel has got herself a job as front desk monitor for her dorm for next year.  We’re not making Youngest commit to a regular job because she’s going to be away twice at Bible-Thumper Camp (one term as a camper, the other working the kitchen crew) and will be doing the college tour thing several times in between.  Hopefully she’ll be able to pick up a baby-sitting gig or two, however.  Despite my rather heavy-handed attempt at humor above, I’m really quite proud of all of them.


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