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He’s the Man

Greetings, my fellow port swillers and happy Solemnity of St. Joseph!  (Patron of fathers, families, the Church, workers, solved problems, and happy deaths, among other things.)

When Ol’ Robbo first swam the Tiber, he took as his particular patrons St. Augustine (as a fellow convert) and St. Thomas Aquinas (because I believe him to have been the single most intelligent man ever to live), but over the years I’ve found these two to be just a bit high-falootin’ for everyday use, sort of like breaking out the Sunday china for your Chik-fil-a takeout dinner.

At the same time, I’ve been drawn more toward Joseph, his position making him much more of what Shakespeare might have called “a Saint for the working day”.

There’s not much complex theology around Joseph.  Well, there may well be, but the basic message is readily accessible even to doofuses like me.  The angel told him what to do about Mary and he did it.  (Remember, he could have said no, too.)  He loved and honored her, loved and raised Jesus, and kept a roof over their heads and food on the table through his steady application of himself as an independent contractor.  And as a role model, his example is easily applicable to one’s own life.  “What Would Joseph Do?” is a much more meaningful and answerable question than “What Would Jesus Do?”  (The answer to the latter is always “How the heck would I know? I’m not God.”)  Not to say the answer itself is necessarily easy, but it’s usually pretty clear.

So knock off that Lenten fast for the evening (I’ve been listening to musick all day) and raise a glass to that best of husbands and fathers!

UPDATE:  For those friends of the decanter who might like to see some alternate content, I will mention that I got stuck behind a Tesla this morning that sported license plates reading “ZEROGAS”.  I found myself dreamily wishing that photon torpedo weapons systems were commercially available for private motor vehicles.

UPDATE DEUX:  Back to our main topic again, friend of the decanter Joseph Moore has a post up about iconographic expressions of today’s Saint.




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