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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

It snowed at Port Swiller Manor last evening, not enough to need shoveling but enough to both look pretty and to effectively kybosh any working in the yard today.  (Also enough to postpone the mandatory parental clean-up at Youngest’s softball field, which is just as well as I feel a cold coming on.)

On the other hand, we’re forecast to hit the upper sixties tomorrow.  Between that and the extra hour of daylight in the evening, Ol’ Robbo is thinking of firing up the grill for the first time this year.  If it doesn’t rain, that is.

Yes, spring is the crazy time in the Great Commonwealth of Virginny.  By this time the weather had already turned set hot in the South Texas of my misspent yoot, while the Connecticut of my school days was still locked in late wintah misery, but at this latitude we yo-yo all over the place.  Wheeeeee!!!

UPDATE:  Took Decanter Dog for a walk just now.  The neighborhood is absolutely full of robins.  We never lose them completely over the winter but they seem to disperse.  Also, I’ve always believed a lot of them drop down below the fall line on the river where it stays a bit warmer.  The return of the big flocks here is a definite harbinger of milder weather.

By the way, I don’t care if robins don’t “really” listen for worms, I still choose to believe they do.  This is one of those matters in which what is Right is more important than what is True.



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