Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening, Ol’ Robbo watched “The Time Machine” again, mostly because I enjoy the coo-el CGI effects plus the depravity of Jeremy Irons.

It got me thinking, though, that I reeeeally ought to go back to H.G. Wells’s original, which I’ve never actually read.

Ditto his “War of the Worlds“, which I read eons ago but don’t much remember and probably couldn’t properly understand back then.

Buh-lieve me, Ol’ Robbo is perfectly cognizant of the intellectual and spiritual dispute between, on the one side, Champions of the Faith such as Chesterton and Belloc, and on the other such persons as Wells and G.B. Shaw.  Rest assured that I can appreciate Shaw for his wit without compromising my faith in the God of GKC and Belloc.  I’m equally confident I can dip into the sci-fi wonderings of HGW without corrupting myself.

Here, though, I’m mostly prompted by a curiosity as to whether the film has any real connection with the book, a source of perpetual grievance to Ol’ Robbo.  (Off the top of my head, I’ll guess that the metrosexual, smart-ass, holographic library attendant of the film  prolly is an add-on.)

I’ll let you know what I think, although I’ll bet there are friends of the decanter who already know the answers to my questions.  Feel free to fire away……