Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

No, Ol’ Robbo isn’t going to post about the Oscars.  (I didn’t watch them, know nothing about any of this year’s movies, and care even less.)

Instead, I re-watched “Sahara“, a nifty little 1943 propaganda piece about an American tank retreating across the North African desert after the fall of Tobruk in 1942.  Humphrey Bogart (who I believe couldn’t enlist in the actual military because of some kind of health issue) is the Sergeant/Commander.  His two-man crew consists of Bruce Bennett (who was with Bogie in “Treasures of the Sierra Madre”) and Dan Duryea (who played Waco Johnny Dean in “Winchester ’73”, which Ol’ Robbo considers to be Jimmy Stewart’s best western).  On their way, they pick up an RAMC officer and four Tommies (including a very young Lloyd Bridges), a Sudanese Defense Force rifleman and his Italian prisoner, and a Luftwaffe pilot (after they knock down his ME-109).  The race is to find water and send for re-enforcements while also holding off an advancing German column.  It’s all nicely done.

As you might garner from this Ol’ Robbo loves him his old movies, especially war movies and westerns (although I’m partial to other genres like romantic comedies, too).  Which is why I’m disgusted to see that the Neo-Jacobins are now trying to disappear the Dook himself from history for some un-p.c. comments he made in an interview back in the early 70’s.  Professor Mondo has the story, the links, and suitable commentary.

Disgusted, as I say, but not particularly concerned just yet.  I doubt seriously whether an SJW twitter-tantrum is going to cause Netflix to flush its entire John Wayne library, and even if they did I’m sure I could snap up the important ones elsewhere if I had to.

And you’d better believe Ol’ Robbo’s going to keep watching Dook movies, pilgrim!

The larger issue, of course, is the retroactive application of current puritanical standards to remarks made by a long-dead actor when Ol’ Robbo was still in 1st Grade.  Or rather, why the Dook gets dinged for this and Justice Kavanaugh gets savaged for alleged high school boozing, while, for example, the top three members of Virginny’s government now look like getting a complete pass on past documented episodes of black-face and alleged instances of sexual assault.  Selectivity much?

We talked about this at dinner last evening, and Youngest found herself striving mighty hard to find some rhyme or reason to it.

“You’re wasting your time,” I said, “There is no rhyme or reason.  This is all about the will to power, which is all any Leftist** cares about.  If it’s handy to him on Monday to insist 2+2 = 4, he’ll do so.  If it’s handier to him on Tuesday to insist 2+2 = 5, he’ll do that without batting an eye.  Trotsky was a hero one day, a traitor the next.  The Lefty doesn’t care about logical inconsistency or objective standards of morality, all he cares about is grinding you down.”

It’s true, y’know.


**N.B., to me Leftist and Liberal are two different things.  I generally agree with Liberals (if there are any actually left) in their goals: fair play, the dignity of the individual, spreading the wealth.  It’s the means of achieving these things over which we have our disputes.  Leftists, on the other hand, care for nothing except domination.  (In theory, at least, this is so that they can completely wipe out the current, evil System and construct a Utopia on the ashes.  Somehow, historically-speaking it never quite gets that far but a lot of people wind up dead anyway.)  These people are not debate opponents: They’re the enemy.