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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Middle Gel came home from college this weekend, ostensibly because this was her last opportunity to see us until we ourselves travel down for her spring concert some time in April.

It seems to Ol’ Robbo that college life agrees with the gel, as she looked terrific.

Oddly enough, though, I didn’t wind up seeing all that much of her, as she spent a great deal of time in her room.

When I asked Mrs. R why this was, she just laughed.

“Well you ought to know, Mr. Introvert, since she gets it from you,” she said. “She’s just got through a month of having to be intensely social with rushing Delta Gamma.  Are you actually surprised that she really just wants to be alone for a while?”

Put it like that, no, I can’t really say that I am.


Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Say, what do you call a sexually-perverted Cardinal who gets defrocked?

A good start!


(Bwa-ha-ha!! As a lawyer, Ol’ Robbo has been savoring the chance to turn that joke on somebody else for a long time.)

Seriously though, it was the right thing to do ( or dignum et justum est, as we Extraordinary Form sharks like to say).  And about time, from what I’ve heard.

Ol’ Robbo just hopes for two things:

First, that Mr. McCarrick is able to find it in himself to get help, confess his sins, and truly and humbly repent. (I have absolutely no idea what his current status is in that regard.)  The above joke notwithstanding, we really should not take pleasure in seeing others fall, even the genuinely nasty ones, but instead should fervently pray for their redemption.  (God knows most of us ourselves, for all our condemnation here, are closer to the hot place than we’d care to think.)

Second, that this not be a one-and-done thing.  There is plenty of filth still embedded in all strata of HMC, even the highest, and it’s got to be flushed out.  The Vatican can’t simply check the box labeled “Cashier McCarrick” and hope the problem somehow goes away.  That’s a PR stunt, not a serious attempt at reform.  Drain the swamp!

UPDATE:  I’m beginning to suspect that my padre is a secret friend of the decanter because touching on the current unpleasantness he highly recommended The Book of Gomorrah by St. Peter Damian (whose Feast is this week) to emphasize that this isn’t just a case of One Bad Man but has been a chronic issue throughout Church history.


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