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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo tries to approach driving in general, and commuting in particular, in a charitable frame of mind.  I believe this is especially important in traffic hellholes like Northern Virginia and Downtown Dee Cee.

I don’t cut people off.  I don’t yell and gesture.  I (mostly) don’t tailgate.  At mergers and when the curb lane is cut off by a parked car, I always make a point of letting the next driver in ahead of me.  In short, I try to be a nice guy and a good Christian.

And when people in front of me  don’t notice the light has turned green because they’re too engrossed with fiddling with their iThingy?  Even here, for a first offense I limit myself to a restrained little tap on the horn.  A veritable “Ahem, um, excuse me…”

But when the same woman does the same not-notice-the-light-is-green-because-iThingy-thing for three successive lights in a row?  Yeah, I’m leaning on that horn long and hard with both elbows.  More like “@(*#$&#@(*$&#*(&$!!!”

I hope the message got across this evening, but I’m somewhat doubtful.

St. Christopher is the patron saint of drivers.  I’m pretty sure he’s perfectly comfortable with putting in a good word for me with the Old Man over this.



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