Greetings, my fellow port swillers and happy Winter Solstice!

It is one of life’s little ironies that today of all days we’re enjoying a 24 hour heat wave here in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor, with the high temperature briefly spiking up into the 60’s before dropping back tomorrow to the 40’s where it has been lurking for some time.  The porch door is open and the cats are quite happy to be able to wander in and out at leisure.

I suppose I should be shifting myself to work on some Christmas preparations, but the truth is that I’d rather just loll in the mildness today.

One of the things that I can grasp intellectually yet still feel somehow isn’t right intuitively is the way in which summer and winter set in after the respective solstices have been reached.  You’d think December 21 would be at the heart of the cold and June 21 at the heart of the heat, not their beginnings.

Maybe this is just my way of complaining to myself that we’ve still got January and February to get through, that by all accounts it’s going to be pretty bad this year, and that for once Ol’ Robbo is tired of winter before it’s even really got itself established.

Speaking of the weather, some while back Verizon chucked The Weather Channel from its cable lineup and instead installed AccuWeather.  This has made Ol’ Robbo very happy, as AccuWeather is what TWC used to be twenty years ago – Old School, straight up reporting and forecasting with no “special interest” programming, no sanctimonious hectoring, and no Jim “Mimbo” Cantore.  Making weather geekery fun again!