Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Middle Gel got home from school this morning safe and sound.  As Eldest arrived last weekend, we are now back up to full capacity here at Port Swiller Manor.

On the practical front, I anticipate a dearth of hot water, piles of dirty dishes and clothes, and elaborate maneuvering necessary to get out of the driveway.

On the more existential front, I am quite interested to see what shifts and changes work their way through the family dynamics, now that we’ve got multiple college kid veterans home for a few weeks. (Both the Elder Gels were home earlier this semester because of Hurricane Florence, but that was only for a long weekend and it felt like they were gone before they even got here.)

And speaking of college kid veterans, I’m going to go ahead and brag here:  Eldest sailed through her first semester as a junior at her new school with straight A’s.  We don’t have all of Middle Gel’s first semester freshman grades yet, but we have most of them and she’s right on the line for making Dean’s List.  Well done, indeed, the both of them.

UPDATE: Huzzay! Huzzah! We learned today that not only did Middle Gel make it, she did so comfortably!  She’s both somewhat surprised as well as delighted.  I’m not surprised.  I am delighted, tho’.

So on we go.  I believe Eldest is taking an intro to psych course next semester to get her required science credits out of the way.  That ought to be hy-larious. I can already envision the indignant calls of “What is wrong with these people??!!”  (I have already discussed with her one of my long-standing questions.  Given that all psych majors are crazy, does becoming one make them crazy? Or do only crazy people become psych majors?  The World wonders.)