Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

As all of baseball fandom knows, one of the biggest questions of this off-season is whether Ol’ Robbo’s beloved Nats will re-sign Bryce Harper or whether he will go elsewhere.

I’ve been chewing on this question for some time now and have come to this conclusion: I’m perfectly comfortable either way.

If for whatever reason Harper decides he really likes it here and is willing to take less money than he might get somewhere else, fine.  Welcome back.  When Zimm hangs it up, you’ll be the Face of the Franchise (until Juan Soto buries you, that is).

On the other hand, if Harps demands a nosebleed salary? Don’t chase him, let him walk.  Spend the money elsewhere, like yet again reconstituting the bullpen or acquiring another quality starter.  We’ve got an exciting young outfield even without him and I don’t see that his loss would put us in any real hole.

Curiously, I find I really have nothing invested in this question emotionally, not like I did when we lost Desmond, say, or Ramos, or like I would if we lost Rendon, for instance.  For whatever reason, I’ve really just never warmed up to Harps, but view him from a strictly utilitarian standpoint.

The only thing I would hate is if he wound up with another team in the NL East and we had to see him all the time.  I saw a horrifying headline recently suggesting that both he and Mike Trout could move to Philly, but I think that was just some fantasy wanking.

Anyway, I thought I would get this out there before any nooz breaks.