Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I was not aware of this until my brother**  mentioned it this past weekend, but Amherst College, a chief rival of Ol’ Robbo’s own People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown, CT,*** recently dumped its unofficial mascot of the “Lord Jeffs” and instead adopted….the Mammoths?

The selection board said people who suggested mammoths noted they are “impressive,” ”stupendous and monumental,” and “near mythic.” [Ed. – They’re also long-extinct.]

Backers also noted the school’s natural history museum houses a mammoth skeleton discovered by Amherst professor Frederick Brewster Loomis and brought to the college in 1925.

The process started in January 2016 when school trustees decided the school’s unofficial nickname, Lord Jeffs, was inappropriate in part because the 18th century British Gen. Jeffery Amherst suggested giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans.

A quick visit to the skewl’s website reveals that Lord Jeffrey’s name has now been removed from the campus inn, too.

I expect the skewl will have to change its own name, in the end, if it wishes to be consistent.

Cor lumme, stone the crows.

I’m going to go a bit geeky here, but bear with me:  The smallpox blankets idea is to be found in Amherst’s correspondence with Col. Henri Bouquet, his most prominent field commander, during the height of Pontiac’s Rebellion (which was largely sparked by Amherst’s own ham-fisted incompetence).  At the time, garrison after garrison of British troops was being wiped out on the frontiers and the colonial administration was in something close to panic.  I’m pretty sure that Amherst was just venting in frustration.  At any rate, nothing ever came of the idea.

I’m also going to suggest that in a rational, adult world, it would be pretty well understood that the “Lord Jeffs” mascot is a nod to the skewl’s historickal roots, and not in any way an endorsement of germ warfare against Indians. ****

But of course, we don’t live in a rational, adult world.  Instead, the zeitgeist is dominated by the very worst traits of adolescence and toddlerhood, coupled with an apparent belief that we can simply wipe the historickal slate blank and start afresh, an idea straight out of Jacobinism.


“Elite education” is an oxymoron these days.  It’s no longer a matter of classical liberalism, but instead has descended to nothing more than post-modernist, cultural-Marxist brainwashing.

And it can all be yours for the low, low price of a quarter-million over four years!

Speaking of Indians and mascot changes, Mrs. Robbo’s grandfather attended Dartmouth back in the day when their mascot was still the Indians.  We still have a pillow needlepointed by his wife which features an Indian leaning up against a big “D” with a cask of rum on his shoulder.  I’m very sure that when some form of the Chinese Social Credit System is implemented here (note that I say “when”, not “if”), that will cost us some major points.

** My brother attended Hamilton College.  They’re still the Continentals, but I predicted this is probably next.  Because reasons.

*** Wesleyan’s mascot is the Cardinals.  So far as I know, it always has been.  There’s probably a religious joke there, considering that it was founded as a Methodee school, but I doubt anyone there nowadays would get it.

**** This is the same argument for rejecting the pogroms against Generals Washington and Lee at Dubyunell.  The school kinda, sorta beat this off this past summah, but I’ve got a baaaad feeling that was only the first wave and that it will fold under additional assault.